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Stories From the Cadillac With the Tiger In It


The East Village Blog, EV GRIEVE, has been kind enough to agree to publish a four part series of stories written by the Cadillac with the Tiger in it.

These stories are recollections from the Cadillac's 22 years of residence on East 2nd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue.


The first installment, "Part 1--Spring has Sprung on East 2nd Street", went online Tuesday, May 20th, 2014. You can read that first installment on this websites "Blog" section or on EV GRIEVE's site at this link:


"Part 2 - Then & Now":


"Part 3 - The End is Near":


"Part 4 - Fun Facts about the Cadillac with the Tiger in it" :


"Epilogue from  the Cadillac with the Tiger in it":


You are invited to share your comments of the Cadillac stories on EV GRIEVE's site in the Comments section directly under the article.

Please feel to share photos that you've taken of the Cadillac on social media with:



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